24hr patch test required prior to first wax treatment

Full leg- €20
Half leg- €15
Under arm- €10
Lower arm- €10
Upper arm- €10
Full arm- €15
Side of face- €10
Chin- €8
Lip- €8
Eye Brow- €8
Belly button line- €5
Nose Wax- €5


Bikini - Standard
This is a modest bikini wax most suitable for Bridget Jones underwear- 15 mins €15

Bikini - Extended
This is tighter wax, more suitable for high cut underwear or swimwear- 20 mins €20


More than an extended but not quite a Brazilian- €20


Leaves a strip or a small triangle of hair on the front of the bikini line.
All the hair underneath on the lips/ labia is removed- €35


Totally bare! All the pubic hair removed- €45

Body art crystal- €15

Home care advice for wax treatments for 24 to 48 hours

• Only wash or shower in Luke warm water
• Do not use exfoliates for 2-3 days depending on the skins reaction
• Use soothing after-wax gels, lotion or oils to moisturise the skin
• Do not use deodorant or perfumed products
• Do not use make up or self tanning preparations in the area waxed
• Do not wear tight fitting clothing
• Avoid exposure to ultra violet light including Sun bathing & Sun beds
• Avoid heat treatments i.e. Saunas or steam room