Eye Treatments

It is important to choose the appropriate colour and intensity of the Tint. Blue, Black, Grey & brown colours in different applications can produce many shades and colour tones to suit the clients characteristics hair & skin colouring.
Tinting is often an attractive alternative to Mascara, especially in the following areas:
  • Clients sensitive to eye Make-up
  • Wearers of Contact lenses whose eyes are irritated by fibres in Mascara
  • To give definition to fine or this Brows
  • To increase colour or intensity especially for clients with Blonde, Red or Grey hair and clients going on holiday

24hr patch test required prior to first eye treatment
  • Eye lash tint- €10
  • Eyebrow shape- €10
  • Eye brow tint- €10
  • Eyebrow tidy- €8
  • Eyebrow combo - €25